Even though summer is still lingering, the days are getting shorter and the mornings are starting to get a little cooler, Autumn is on its way!!!! With fall coming up fast, school starting for all, it is time to switch gears to getting our fall patterns and items out for all to enjoy! 

Just last night I finished correcting and released a pattern that I was going to release last year. The Witch/Wizard Hat for babies Preemie - 12 months. There are 4 sizes listed in this pattern. The photo to the left shows it unblocked but if you block it the brim will stay flat! 

I have an Acorn Cap pattern from Newborn to 4T in testing right now and expect to release it in a couple of days once I've heard back from all my testers. 

Many leg warmer patterns will also be released throughout the fall season as I am complementing other designers hat designs. Should be lots of fun getting all these items out for you all. 

As well as a couple of surprise hat patterns coming out.

Of course I'm taking custom orders as usual including the spring and summer lace line. All items are always available to order as long as I can get the fiber for them. 

And I leave you with a recent picture I got back from my photographer Megan Martineau of Honey Bee Photography. You can find her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Honey-Bee-Photography and her website is http://www.honeybeephotography.com check her out! She is currently running a newborn casting call. Check her Facebook for details!!!!! 

As you know we are now in SPRING!!! Yay for the warmer months! 
This is the time that we see the yarn crafts diminish *sad face* BUT LOOK WHAT I HAVE STARTED WORKING WITH!!!!!!! 
MOHAIR AND SILK BLEND LACE! OMG This stuff is fabulous! It's so lightweight, because it is lace it's hole-y letting air flow. But on chillier nights because it's got a bit of fuzz to it it will keep baby nice a snug! Super soft due to the Mohair which wicks away moisture as well! Please enjoy these photos I just got back from my photographer and I can't wait to show you all more!

Please do not take me trying to be thorough for being mean. I'm not meaning to offend anyone just trying to make sure that everything is as clear as possible.  First, PLEASE read this ENTIRE blog.  Everytime I do a giveaway or pattern sale, I get so many customer questions that are actually already answered in the blog.  So PLEASE.  READ.  Note:  Any questions about this give away will ONLY be answered on my forum on Ravelry.  If you have questions, there is a post already set up to handle them.  DO NOT email me with questions about this celebration.  I will not be able to answer them.  Here is a link to Ravelry so that you can easily find the forum and post.  (Note:  You will need to be a member of Ravelry (it's free) to post questions, and to purchase patterns on sale.  There will be no exceptions to this.)   I will not refund money because a customer ordered through another site.*****************  

Go to the forum HERE.  http://www.ravelry.com/groups/my-crimson-clover

My facebook page just reached 4,900 fans!  So, in anticipation of reaching 5k fans, I'm going to hold a celebration give away and sale! :)

1) I have TWO (2) of my patterns available for FREE download! (details in blog)
PLEASE NOTE:  This is to introduce new customers to my patterns.  These are the ONLY two patterns that are available for free during this promotion.   Do not ask if I will exchange for a different pattern.  I will not.
2) I'm holding a 10% sale on all patterns through Wednesday (February 27th)! (details in blog)

This blog has details for each of these.


These two patterns are available FREE on Ravelry.  ONLY on Ravelry.  If you miss this, and buy these on Craftsy, Etsy, Ecrater, Payvment, Ecwid etc.  I will NOT refund your money.

This is what I need from you.

1) Post a link to my facebook page on your facebook page! 
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My Crimson Clover is doing a HUGE giveaway/sale on her facebook page! Beautifully written crochet patterns! Go check it out!

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This is the link you need to find me on Ravelry.


And these are the two patterns available for free download! (Both unisex patterns, but shown on girls)
Petite Shells Mitts!!!
Baby Gnome Hat!!!

This is what I need from you.

1) Post a link to my facebook page on your facebook page!   

*  Copy (highlight and push the control key, and the "C" key at the same time) the following sentence.

My Crimson Clover is doing a HUGE giveaway/sale on her facebook page!  Beautifully written patterns!  Go check it out! http://www.facebook.com/mycrimsonclover

* Go to your facebook page, and post that sentence as your status! (go to where you normally post your status, click there. Push the control key, and the "V" key at the same time)

2) Email me at promotion@mycrimsonclover.com

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* In the body of the email write "Congratulations on 5k fans!   Sincerely, (Your Name)"
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You should receive an email back from me within minutes with a coupon code that you can use on Ravelry to get 10 percent off of your patterns.   (read the following disclaimer!)

PLEASE NOTE!  THIS IS IMPORTANT!   If you do not receive an email back from me within 30 minutes, then something went wrong, and I did not receive your email!   You need to try again.  There is nothing I can do if there is a problem with your email server.   I will NOT extend this sale past Wednesday February 27th.   So if you do not use your coupon code before midnight on the 27th, you lose it.   Please note, this email is ONLY used for give aways.  I will not respond to customer questions through this email.  You need to read the ENTIRE blog to know how to use this coupon code correctly on Ravelry.   I will NOT refund money because someone forgot to put in the code at checkout, and I have very clear instructions below for how to use the coupon code.  


The reason I'm posting these instructions is because the last time I offered a coupon code, it became apparent that the place to USE the code can be easily missed.

1)   Go to my pattern shop on Ravelry.

You should see something like this...
You must put TWO or more patterns in your cart.  

To put a pattern in your cart, click on the pattern. (I'm using my baby chef set as an example)
It will open up and look something like this.
Then you need to click on  "add to cart"
You'll find the place in the upper right corner, and it will look like this...
After you've added as many patterns as you wish to buy (there is no limit, but you must have at least TWO for the coupon code to work)  You'll need to go to your cart.  

To do that, click on your cart.  It will look something like this.
Then it will take you to your cart.  Now this is IMPORTANT!  DON'T MISS THIS PART!
Next to "checkout" are the words "use a coupon code".
BE SURE YOU CLICK ON THAT!      And the coupon code IS case sensitive.  So if you see capital letter, USE capital letters.  If you see lowercase letters, USE lower case letters.

Thank you so much for all of the AMAZING support, word of mouth and encouragement I've received over the last 2 years!  And thank you for helping me build my fan base, and my business!  ENJOY!

Kimberly Green (My Crimson Clover)
So I have 3 patterns in the works, two of them are still in the testing phase but should be available for sale in the middle of the week! The third is proving to be most difficult to design. I've been working everyday for the past week and a half on this one witch hat to try to make it perfect for all my lovely customers. It's just not working as well as I hoped but I think that I'm finally over the hump! Which is always the most exciting part, when you have the break through with the design to be able to get all of the sizes you want to get done, actually done!!!! 

In other news, all of me kids seem to be better from being sick last weekend. And after a LONG LONG LONG summer I have parent teacher conferences tomorrow for the older set of twins to start FULL DAY KINDERGARTEN!!!!!!!! OMG I can't wait. Don't get me wrong I absolutely LOVE my children. But I relish the first day of school. Most parents I know are sobbing out their eyes because their babies are growing up and so forth, but my take on it is that we are helping them prepare for going out into the world and be independent individuals and this is just the first step. Plus, it doesn't help that I get somewhat of a break from two sets of twins that are 20 months apart all the time. I think I may even put the youngest two in daycare here and there! Totally jazzed at the idea!!

Also, a note, Next Thursday evening through Monday I will be traveling to TN to visit a friend. Most likely there will be no work done during this time. I plan on spending as much time with my friend as possible. i'll still be available to send out patterns and I'll be checking the forum and emails regularly though so no worries the stores will still be open!!!

Well I'm off to continue on designing this halloween hat! (possibly have my next character hat from the design process which rocks)
Till Next time Happy Hooking!
Working hard to get these better watermarked photographs up everywhere that my pictures are located! 

Also I'm working on a new pattern design for a new hat. I'm hoping that I can get that into testing phase. I know that I have been slacking with pattern formatting but that's only because I have been working on this website as well as finding out that  people have stolen my photographs and modified them for their own stores/products.  So It's been a busy busy vacation (oh yeah that's what the past 3 weeks were supposed to be... a vacation.... lol :)  )   I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!
Noticed that the blog page was not showing so this is just a test post.
You'll notice that there have been a few changes to the website. I know it's a little early to making changes so soon, but I needed to fix a few little issues with the site. I hope you all enjoy it! 

Today I'll be working on the next Top Secret Design that I'm doing. It's similar to some other designs out there, lets be honest most everything has been done before, BUT this has it's own "spin" on it if you will! So lets see how crocheting pool side works ;) although it seems like it would be warm but a lot of my friends do it so I'll see if I can too :) I hope everyone is having a fantastic Wednesday!
Welcome to the New Website!!! Now time to go into the pool!!!! *sigh of relief!*

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    Hello all! I'm a mother of two sets of twins that are 20 months apart. I'm also a military wife to an Air Force man. Life has proven quite interesting over the past few years and within the growing challenges that are presented, just about daily, I have found a love of crochet and crochet design. I have always been interested in jewelry design as well, and so every chance I get I indulge in designing these patterns for you all! 


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